SNRC Racing Gear



Newly designed South Niagara Rowing Club Unisuit for 2016!

     The SNRC is celebrating our 40th anniversary this year!  As many of you are aware, we are launching a brand new unisuit to mark this milestone.


Required Uniform

 The Rowing Canada Rules of Racing require each competitive rower to wear an official team uniform when competing.  This means that SNRC competitive rowers are required to wear either an SNRC unisuit or an SNRC unitop (paired with black shorts or leggings) of the new design.  All other items including the long sleeve shirt, vest, and speed shirt are optional.  If a unitop is preferred over the full unisuit, then plain black shorts or leggings of any brand and purchased from a store of your choice are acceptable.  Please note that highschool unisuits are for the highschool rowing season only and are not considered acceptable for the summer and fall seasons which is Club rowing.


Ordering Process

Regatta Sport is our supplier of the new unisuit.  Orders must be placed on the iTeams webpage found on the Regatta Sport website, BEFORE midnight on Sunday, May 29 to ensure delivery before the first regatta (CORA Welland, July 2).  The iTeam store will close after May 29 and orders placed after this date will likely not be completed until after the first regatta.  Payment can be made on the iTeam store website by credit card.  The process is as follows:

  1.  Go to Regatta Sport at
  2. Click on “iTeam login”, located towards the bottom of the list on the left side of the page.
  3. Select South Niagara Rowing Club from the drop down menu and enter snrc16 in the password box.
  4. You can then select Men’s or Women’s Racing gear.
  5. Select the items, size and quantity you wish to purchase.  The only required item is a unisuit or unitop.  Please note that another opportunity to order items for the fall rowing season will be available prior to the fall season so it is not necessary to order items for colder weather at this time.  Samples for sizing will be available at the club.  Sizing is the same as any other Regatta Sport unisuit (such as your high school unisuit).
  6. If you don’t already have a Regatta Sport account, you will need to create one (email address and password) to complete the payment on-line.
  7. Enter your billing address information.  For shipping information, click on the box “Same as billing”.
  8. Enter your payment information.  Please note that you will NOT be charged the shipping fee.
  9. Items will be shipped directly to the club for distribution on a selected day and time to be announced.


 Orders placed by Sunday, May 29 are set to be delivered prior to the first regatta in July (CORA Welland).  The iTeam store will close after May 29.  Orders placed after May 29 will likely not be completed by the first regatta.


If you have any questions, please contact either Catherine Timms at or Petrusia Mulholland at