We are thankful for the dedicated volunteers that help us every year. Without them we would not be able to run our programs or host the many events that we do.

Reach out to us at info@rowsnrc.ca

We would love to hear from you and have you join our volunteer community.

Why Volunteer?

Engaging in community service provides individuals with the opportunity to become active members of their community. Not only does volunteering increases self-confidence, it offers a long-lasting, positive impact on the community at large. Your role as a volunteer can give you a sense of pride, as well as a natural sense of accomplishment. Nowhere is this more evident than with SNRC regattas. Simply put, our events would not exist without the time and effort put forth by our amazing and committed volunteers!


“I wanted to help in some way, and to learn more about the sport because my kids excited about rowing. I fell in love with the atmosphere. I might be able to contribute as a parent and bridge the gap! [between school, rowers, and parents]”

-Jennifer Lamothe, SNRC Volunteer

Would you like to Help?

Here are just a few areas where we could use your help:

    • Coaching
    • First Aid
    • Boat Operator
    • Equipment Repairs
    • Site Maintenance
    • Motor Repairs
    • Computer Operator
    • Boat Maintenance
    • General Management Skills
    • Fundraiser Operations
    • Regattas and Events
    • General Boathouse Help


Please check out the ROWONTARIO website for information on acquiring your Canadian Pleasure Craft License as this will be a necessary requirement for our boat  operators this season.

Contact our Volunteer Committee at info@rowsnrc.ca for details on how you can assist.