Boat Storage Rates

If you are an active rower, it is recommended that you register and pay your boat storage fee first so the registrar can accept your boat storage registration. Then, your RCA/RO fees are paid prior to joining your rowing program. 

Registration Instructions

  1. All registrations are to be done on-line using the following link to the new Rowing Canada on-line registration –
  2. Log-in or create an account
  3. Stay on the website and “Join a Rowing Program/Register”. Choose “Ontario” and “South Niagara Rowing Club” from the drop-down menus.
  4. You will be directed to our programs. Please ensure that you select the appropriate boat storage option. If you have difficulty please contact the South Niagara Rowing Club Registrar by clicking here.
  5. Complete corresponding on-line registration and accept waivers.
  6. Methods of payment:
    • Credit card payment using weblink to Peloton system via Rowing Canada on-line registration system.
    • Cheque made payable to South Niagara Rowing Club. Drop off payment in mail box in the large boathouse prior to first scheduled practice.

Detailed Fee Schedule Available Here