Coaching Staff 2022

SUMMER 2022 COACHING STAFF (Currently being updated)

Head Coach:

Camil Teodorescu

South Niagara Rowing Club is pleased to welcome Camil to Niagara. He is an RCA Performance Coach and holds a Master’s Degree of Coaching from the University of Alberta. Camil has more than 10 years of coaching experience and has been awarded the Team Sports Performance Award and Coach of the Year during his time at the Lachine Rowing Club and Edmonton Rowing Club. In addition to these accomplishments, he has also coached at the Montreal Rowing Club and Western Canada Summer Games Alberta Rowing Team. Camil has coached junior, senior, masters, recreational and learn to row athletes. His is fluent in English, French and Romanian. He will be relocating to the Niagara Region from the Edmonton Rowing Club March 2022. We are looking forward to having Camil join the SNRC rowing family.

What are you looking forward to most this season?

“Meeting everyone at SNRC, and finally some races this year”

What is your favourite drill?

“Loaded roll up”

What was your favourite boat to row?

“2- and 4x”

Favourite food?

“Cabbage rolls”


Lead Coach – Adult Programs:


What program(s) did you study in school?

What is your favourite workout/drill on the water, and why?

What is the most important thing another athlete has taught you?

What is your coaching “catch phrase”?

Why did you get into coaching?


Coach Bob

Why Rowing?

It started in grade 10. The kid behind me in class got me into it because his father was involved and they kept bugging me to try it. So, I went to try it, and I never left!

Rowing Career

I attended the Canadian Olympic Qualifying Camp in 1979. Unfortunately, Canada decided to boycott the Games due to political reasons.

I represented Canada at 5 World Rowing Championships.

Most memorable rowing moment(s)

I still remember the Munich [1981 WRC Germany] race. The boat just flew. It felt effortless. We finished 4th. Missed 3rd place by less than a second.

In high school in 1975, we won the Henley in the Senior 8’s with a time of 4:15. We set the record for the 1500m distance at Henley. Every rower in that boat went on to compete internationally.

How did you get into Coaching?

I started in St. Catharines with the national team. The team asked me to coach for the team. We coached kids ages 8-13 and ran programs to get kids into rowing. We did it for 2 summers as a part time job while training.

What is the best piece of rowing advice you’ve ever received?

Trust your gut!


Coach Jamie

Why rowing?

I was living on a sailboat for a year and all I did was drink beer and eat chicken wings, so I was getting really fat (laughs).

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

I rowed years ago, and when I did I had really good coaches and I think they were life changing. They taught me to do what I didn’t think I could possibly do. They take you to a point where you think you cannot do it, and you go beyond that and do it!

What is your coaching “catch phrase”?

Kevin, stop slacking! (as Kevin walks by laughing!)

Coach Ralph

Why rowing?

I’ve rowed here before and coached here before, so I enjoy it.

Why did you get into coaching?

When I was teaching, the VP of the school I was at was a former national coach, so he asked me to come out and help, so that’s how I got started.

What is your coaching “catch phrase”?

If you catch a crab, don’t fight the ore because one of you will win and one of you will lose, and the ore will always win! (laughs)

Most memorable rowing moment?

I had a crew back in the 90s. They were going to win a golf medal. They were coming down the course at a regatta and the bow seat jumped the slide and it was a brand-new boat, they had never rowed in it before, so they weren’t familiar with it – they had no practice getting back into it, because it has never happened before. So they went from 1st place down to 4th place, and it was top 3 to qualify, so they missed the cut. The crew that ended up winning the gold medal was a crew that we actually beat at a previous regatta.