Summer Youth Rowing Camps

2021 Youth Summer Camp

Program runs: Monday to Friday (weekly thru July and August), 8:45am-noon

Session Cost: $250.00 -includes $26.00 HST, $25.55 RowOntario fee and $24 Rowing
Canada fee if not already paid for 2021. HST Registration #: 875221194TR001.

In this week-long summer camp, participants aged 11 to 15 will learn the basic technical aspects of rowing. They will be given both on-land training using rowing machines and on-water experience in single shells to maintain physical distancing. They will learn basic rowing terms and the importance of balance and technique.

Please email our Administration Coordinator for enrollment reservation prior to completing registration as enrollment is limited. Reservations will have a 24 hr expiry date and then will be available for the next email request.

Proof of swim test for minor youths (under 18 years of age) is required or exempt with Bronze Medallion/Cross or better. Niagara YMCAs have an SNRC form for “Swim to Survive” test (front roll entry, tread water 1 min, swim 50m, put on PFD). SNRC can also make arrangements to conduct a swim test at the club if participants are unable to find a location to perform a swim test due to COVID related closures.

Prerequisites: None. Suitable for beginners.